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Georgia Institute of Technology Ph.D. Digital Media – Expected Graduation May 2014

Georgia Institute of Technology M.S. Digital Media May 2010

Masters Project: "WorkTop: A Multi-touch Tabletop Sketching Application for Interdisciplinary Design Collaboration". Committee: Dr. Ali Mazalek, Dr. Michael Nitsche, and Dr. Jon Sanford. Researched and developed tabletop and other tangible interfaces for collaborative work, games, interactive narrative control, and cognitive science research.

Georgia Institute of Technology B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering December 2005

Honors: President’s Undergraduate Research Award Grant, Deans List. Coursework: Java Programming, Circuits and Electronics, Human Integrated Systems, Simulations, Databases, Probability and Statistics, Stochastic Methods, Queuing Theory, and Optimization.


Don’t Open That Door – Lead Designer/Project Manager

1-2012 to Present

eTV Lab - Georgia Tech

Designed interactions and led a team to develop a gesture based interactive narrative project based in the universe of the TV show Supernatural using Microsoft Kinect and video to create an experience that invokes a sense of dramatic agency within the context of a persistent moving narrative. Project sponsored by Intel.

WorkTop Project

1-2009 to 5-2010

Georgia Tech

Researched, designed, and developed a multi-touch table top sketching application for interdisciplinary design collaboration. Conducted iterative user evaluations with paper-based and digital prototypes to establish the final design.

eTV Lab

6-2009 to 8-2009

eTV Lab - Georgia Tech

Designed and developed iPhone based interactive narrative remote control. Debugged and streamlined JavaScript for social viewing set-top box applications.

BDC - Research Assistant

08-2009 to Present

Synlab - Georgia Tech

Designed, built, and troubleshot a puppet interface for mapping body motions onto a 3D virtual character in real time using Arduino, Bluetooth, and Processing. Conducted cognitive science experiments to determine the puppets ability to enhance identification with a virtual character.

Experimental Media - Teaching Assistant

Spring 2010, 2011

Georgia Tech

Wrote and taught classes on electronics and physical fabrication. Helped students design and develop interactive play spaces for outdoor installation.

Digital Media Masters Student

8-2008 to Present

Georgia Tech

Designed and created websites and Flash applications. Developed interactive AJAX applications. Designed and built a puppet like interface for controlling a 3D avatar in real time using Arduino and Processing. Created a 3D environment using Maya and Unreal. Developed a deep understanding of digital media and its affordances.

Technical Writer

4-2007 to 8-2008

Shoap Technical Services

Used software including Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, Robohelp, Visio, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw to produce professional quality manuals, requirements specifications, and online help guides for the credit card processing industry.

Logistics Analyst

1-2006 to 4-2007

Alfred Karcher Inc.

Developed VBA Macros for MS Excel to streamline the customs invoicing process. Researched, reported on and negotiated contract manufacturing terms. Managed inventory using SAP. Wrote and compiled a training manual for common SAP tasks.

Independent Publishing Project

5-2005 to 12-2005

Georgia Tech

Edited and published a collection of short fiction. Designed the layout and cover using Adobe InDesign and contracted and worked with printer concerning price and quality issues.

ISYE Senior Design Project

1-2005 to 5-2005

Atlanta Humane Society

Worked with a team to analyze and improve the animal adoption process. Delivered written and oral reports to technical and non-technical audiences. Developed and administered customer surveys. Reduced customer wait time by 66% and increased adoptions by as many as 200 per year.

Science Fiction Lab

9-2001 to Present

Georgia Tech

Hosted and produced a monthly show on WREK radio consisting of author interviews, reviews, and critical analysis of science fiction. Gained recording and audio production, as well as leadership and organization skills. Researched and wrote criticism of examples of engineering in utopian science fiction.


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“I Vant to Vleed My Vlood.” Monstrous Bodies: Celebrating 25 Years of the Fantastic in the Arts at Georgia Tech. Ed. Paul Clifton. Atlanta: Georgia Tech School of Literature Communication and Culture, 2006. 41-53.

“Busted Up.” North Avenue Review Winter 2003: 31-3.


  • Development: MySQL, Java, JavaScript, PHP, ActionScript, Flash, Adobe CS3, Arduino, Maya, UnRealEngine, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Design: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premier, SolidWorks, PhotoView 360, and Autodesk Showcase